Our Special Cleaning Products

Brite Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Glass cleaner is ammonia free glass cleaner concentrate. Cleans Glass by removing Dust, Finger marks, Smudge flies and makes it crystal clear. It can also be safely used on other surfaces like Ceramic, Metal, Plastic Etc.

  • Brite Glass Cleaner contains the power of shine boosters
  • It removes dirt and dust and also gives "2 times more shine*” than regular cleaners
  • Can be used across glass and shiny surfaces, such as tabletops, mirrors, glass windows, fridge, oven, kitchen cabinets, furniture, car windows etc
  • Dilution- 20-25ml per Liter of water for normal soiling. 30-45ml per liter of water for heavy soiling.
  • Available in one variant: Regular (Blue)

Brite Floor cleaner

Floor Cleaner is an effective cleaning material for all surfaces. It can be used for both wet mopping as well as Scrubbing manually.

  • Dilution - 20-24ml per liter of water for normal soiling.
  • 30-45ml per liter of water for heavy soiling.

Brite Toilet bowl Cleaner

Toilet cleaner is a liquid toilet cleaner sparkle and cleans easily. Formulated to remove lime deposits.

  • Bleach-based disinfectant toilet cleaner
  • Ensures a visibily cleaner toilet
  • Effective removal of tough stains in toilet bowl
  • A cleaning product must for your toilet
  • Available in Sizes: 500ml, 1L, 50L, 200L
  • Dilution-Ready to use.

Brite Perfumed surface cleaner

Make a solution of required dilution. Apply or spray on the surface to be cleaned .wipe using a lint free cloth or in case floor can be used for mopping. Perfumed surface cleaner can also be used for scrubbing application.

  • Dilution- 10-12ml per litre of water for normal soiling.
  • 30-40ml per liter of water for heavy soiling.

Brite Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom white and Green Cleaner is a general purpose multi-surface bathroom cleaner cum santizer,enriched with a pleasant perfume. Brite bathroom cleaner is free from any bleaching,abrasive,highly acidic or alkaline compound and hence can be safely be used on any delicate surfaces such as marble and granite.

  • Effective on tiles, floor, basin and most bathroom surfaces
  • Thick liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents
  • Removes tough stains. Pleasant fresh fragrance.
  • Available in Sizes: 500ml, 1L, 50L, 200L
  • Dilution- 20-25ml. per liter of water for normal soiling.
  • 30-40ml per liter of water for heavy soiling.

Brite Stainless steel cleaner

Stainless steel cleaner in non-staining stainless cleaner cum polishing agent suitable for cleaning and polishing of stainless steel, Brass, Copper surfaces.

  • Dilution- 100ml per litre of water

Brite Stainless steel polish

Designed to care out side surfaces of stainless steel equipment, accessories, grills and stair support etc.it protects against water splashes and leaves surface brite and sparking as new. Selected active ingredients give stainless steel surfaces a special gloss.

  • Dilution- Ready to use.

Brite Furniture polish maintainer

Furniture polish maintainer is a silicon based formulation for maintaining any polished or painted furniture. It maintains the glass and forms an anti static film which repels dirt. Furniture polish maintainer can also be applied on polished surfaces to extend furnishing period of metal.

  • Dilution- Ready to use

Brite Air freshner

Air freshener is aqua base liquid air freshener water based deodorizes and impact long lasting fragrance. Brings Freshness. Available in various flavors as per requirement.

  • Dilution- Dilute as per requirement. Dilute with 10 part of water and spray.

Brite Dish washer

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  • Brite liquid has the power of 100 lemons, which helps clean dishes easily.
  • Unlike dishwash bars, Brite liquid leaves no white residue and leaves your utensils sparkling clean.
  • Brite liquid is so strong that only 1 spoonfull cleans an entire sinkfull of dirty utensils.
  • Brite liquid gives you a pleasent cleaning experience with its refreshing lemon fragrance.
  • Does not damage the surface of delicate cookware.
  • Tough on stains, gentle on your hands.
  • Dilution - 20-25ml per liter of water for normal utensil. 30-45ml per liter of water for heavy utensils.

Brite Perfumed soap (PH balanced)

A rich pearlized detergent soap for cleaning purpose. Provides exceptional cleaning it contains exotic perfume with ultra mild user to apply.

  • Dilution- Apply and rinse with water, Ready to use.